student housing

Growing Demand for Student Housing: An Attractive Investment Opportunity

Student housing in India is becoming a highly sought-after asset class among investors and developers, driven by a surging demand for quality accommodation. Private investors....


Silk Board to Witness Game-Changing Development: Elevated road over Silk Board flyover

"Bengaluru's Silk Board Junction, notorious for its traffic problems, is set to undergo a transformative change with the construction of an elevated road. The Bangalore....


Global Investors Engage in Intense Bidding War for Lucrative Student Housing Company

Discover the latest news about global investors vying for Good Host Spaces, a prominent student housing company. Get insights into the potential deal worth and....

corporate realtors

Corporate Realtors Recognize the High Value of Plotted Developments and Holiday Homes

Corporate realtors are capitalizing on the high value and growing demand for plotted developments and holiday homes. Developers recognize the flexibility and customization options that....


Karnataka Plans 15% Hike in Guidance Value to Boost Revenue: Bengaluru Real Estate News

In a bid to generate additional revenue to fund its poll guarantee scheme, the Congress government in Karnataka is considering a 15% increase in the....

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Attracts Big Financiers: Growing Demand for Affordable Housing Drives Home Financiers to Expand Portfolio

Experts attribute the strong demand in the affordable housing segment to various government initiatives aimed at ‘housing for all’.