Bengaluru witnesses highest rental yield of 4.45% in Q1 2024 followed by Mumbai and Gurugram

‘The apartment I live in is roughly worth Rs 7.5-8 crore. If I were to buy that apartment and I had to leverage, let’s say, 70 percent of it, Rs 6 crore loan would be Rs 6-7 lakh per month of EMI, which is like four times my rental cost,’ Shantanu Deshpande said.

Analysis of Bengaluru witnesses highest rental yield of 4.45% in Q1 2024 followed by Mumbai and Gurugram

Key Data Points

  1. Bengaluru’s Rental Yield:
    • Current Yield: 4.45%
    • Pre-Covid Yield (2019): 3.6%
    • Growth: 24%
  2. Mumbai’s Rental Yield:
    • Current Yield: 4.15%
    • Pre-Covid Yield (2019): 3.5%
    • Growth: 19%
  3. Gurugram’s Rental Yield:
    • Current Yield: 4.1%
    • Pre-Covid Yield (2019): 3.5%
    • Growth: Not specified but follows a similar trend.


Rising Rental Yields

  • The increase in rental yields in these cities indicates a strong demand for rental housing. Rental yield is a critical metric for real estate investors as it reflects the annual return on investment from rental income. The rise in yields suggests that these cities are becoming more attractive for property investors.

Comparison to Pre-Covid Levels

  • Comparing the current rental yields to those in 2019, there is a noticeable increase. This suggests a recovery and growth in the rental market post-Covid, with Bengaluru showing the highest growth rate at 24%. This could be due to various factors including economic recovery, urban migration, and increased demand for housing.

Implications for Investors

  • For investors, these figures highlight the potential for good returns on real estate investments in these cities. Bengaluru, in particular, stands out with the highest rental yield, making it a lucrative option for property investment.

Factors Driving Growth

  • The article hints at a general increase in rental housing demand in major cities. This could be driven by factors such as:
    • Urbanization and population growth
    • Economic recovery post-pandemic
    • Increased migration to urban centers for employment opportunities
    • Limited supply of affordable housing leading to higher rental prices


The article provides valuable insights into the rental market trends in some of India’s largest cities. The data suggests a robust recovery and growth in rental yields post-Covid, making these cities attractive for real estate investors. Bengaluru’s exceptional growth in rental yield is particularly noteworthy and indicates strong market dynamics in the city. Investors looking for steady rental income might consider these cities, with a particular focus on Bengaluru for its highest yield and growth rate.

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