Silk Board to Witness Game-Changing Development: Elevated road over Silk Board flyover

“Bengaluru’s Silk Board Junction, notorious for its traffic problems, is set to undergo a transformative change with the construction of an elevated road. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is fast-tracking the project to address the congestion issues at this crucial intersection. The new ramps, spanning 3km, will provide seamless connectivity between Jayanagar, Outer Ring Road (ORR), HSR Layout, and Hosur Road.

“Revolutionary Development in Bengaluru: Silk Board Junction to Get Elevated Road, Alleviating Traffic Woes in Just 6 Months”

Silk Board Junction, famously known as one of Bengaluru’s most congested spots

and gaining social media popularity due to its notorious traffic, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation within the next six months. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has taken up the massive task of addressing the traffic issues at this junction by expediting the construction of elevated ramps above the existing flyover. These new ramps, spanning an impressive 3km, will seamlessly connect the Jayanagar side to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) towards HSR Layout and Hosur Road, effectively bypassing the current flyover.

Silk Board Junction holds significant prominence among professionals, especially techies commuting towards Electronics City and Marathahalli-Sarjapur Road, who frequently mention it in their daily conversations due to its traffic congestion. Motorists have been eagerly demanding the decongestion of this junction.

As part of the ongoing construction, a road-cum-Metro flyover is being built from Ragigudda area in Jayanagar to Silk Board under the Metro Rail’s Yellow Line. These new ramps will seamlessly integrate with the flyover, allowing easy access for those coming from BTM Layout. The state government has entrusted the BMRCL with the task of alleviating this major bottleneck, as the Yellow Line (RV Road to Bommasandra) of the Metro rail runs through it. Additionally, the future Blue Line (Central Silk Board to the airport) will also originate from this area. Currently, the traffic flow at the junction is slow and chaotic due to the presence of four traffic signals under the flyover, resulting in longer waiting times for motorists. In light of this situation, the decision to construct new ramps that facilitate smooth access to ORR and Hosur Road was made.

However, the decongestion plan comes with its own set of challenges. The authorities must construct multiple ramps that are higher than the flyover, all while navigating heavy traffic within limited surface space. “To provide the new road infrastructure, we need to erect 105 massive pillars, reaching up to a height of 21 meters. As we progress further in the construction, we will coordinate with the traffic police to implement traffic diversion measures,” explained a BMRCL official.

In the opposite direction, from HSR Layout towards BTM Layout, a ramp will be constructed at a later stage, as the authorities need to build a station as part of the Blue Line. “Considering the traffic density in the area, we are unable to simultaneously carry out the construction of the Metro station and ramps,” the official added. The estimated project cost for decongesting Silk Board Junction amounts to Rs 146 crore.

This ambitious undertaking promises to revolutionize Bengaluru’s traffic landscape by providing a much-needed respite to commuters traversing through Silk Board Junction. The completion of the elevated road in just six months will undoubtedly enhance the city’s transportation infrastructure and pave the way for smoother and more efficient travel.

This ambitious initiative aims to decongest the junction and improve traffic flow, offering relief to commuters. The construction involves building multiple elevated ramps higher than the existing flyover, presenting challenges in a limited space. However, the BMRCL is determined to overcome these obstacles and work closely with traffic authorities to implement effective traffic diversion strategies. Once completed in just six months, this elevated road will revolutionize transportation in Bengaluru and provide a smoother journey for all.”

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