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Explore Exclusive Apartment Tour Packages in Bengaluru! Beat the rising rental costs and scarcity of properties with guided tours to multiple listings in prime locations. Discover convenience and value starting at just Rs 10,000. Secure your ideal rental now!

To let: Brokers arrange special apartment tour packages as rentals soar in Bengaluru

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Discover Exclusive Apartment Tour Packages in Bengaluru – As rental prices soar and available inventories become scarce, finding the perfect apartment in Bengaluru has become an uphill task for many prospective tenants. Brokers are stepping up their game to cater to the growing demand by offering Special Apartment Tour Packages.

These guided tours, organized by reputable real estate companies like Realty Corps, provide a hassle-free and efficient way to explore multiple listings in sought-after neighbourhoods like Koramangala. Experience the convenience of pick-up and drop-off services, along with a recreational tour of the city’s prime locations, all in one comprehensive package starting at just Rs 10,000. With soaring rental costs in prime areas, tenants are increasingly exploring more affordable options in suburbs like Begur. Secure your ideal rental and embark on an exciting house-hunting adventure with our exclusive apartment tour packages in Bengaluru!”

As the demand for rental apartments surges in Bengaluru, finding affordable accommodations has become a challenging task for tenants. The rising rental costs, especially in prime locations like Koramangala, have driven prospective tenants to seek the assistance of brokers to explore available properties. In response to the overwhelming demand, some real estate companies now offer “house hunt packages,” providing prospective tenants with guided tours and transportation to multiple listings, along with recreational tours in the city. However, the scarcity of available inventories has pushed rental prices to unprecedented levels, leading many tenants to consider suburban areas for more affordable options.

Rising Rental Costs in Bengaluru:
With the resurgence of work-from-office setups and an influx of employees into the city, the demand for rental properties has skyrocketed. In areas like Whitefield, a 2 BHK apartment that used to rent for Rs 25,000 per month now commands a price of Rs 35,000-38,000. Gated societies offer even higher rentals, with 2 BHKs starting at Rs 50,000 and 3 BHKs reaching beyond Rs 80,000 in prime locations like Sarjapura, Indiranagar, and HSR Layout.

Brokers Offering Special Apartment Tour Packages:
Due to the high demand and lack of available inventories, local brokers have employed field executives to scout for potential rental properties throughout the city. To aid prospective tenants in their search, some real estate companies, like Realty Corps, have introduced “orientation programmes” that start at Rs 10,000. These packages include transportation to five to six properties and recreational tours of prime locations, such as malls and eateries, to provide a comprehensive experience to tenants.

Challenges Faced by Prospective Tenants:
Dr Akash Sinha, a recent Bengaluru resident, has experienced the struggle of finding affordable rentals in sought-after neighbourhoods like Koramangala. Similarly, Keerthi Gowda, a tech professional, opts to hire brokers who charge around Rs 1,000-2,000 per ride to show her prospective apartments. The scarcity of available inventories has driven some tenants to consider moving to suburbs like Begur, where rentals are still relatively affordable at present, but brokers predict an inevitable surge in prices there as well.

As rental demand continues to outpace supply, Bengaluru’s real estate market faces a challenging environment for prospective tenants seeking affordable apartments. The trend of offering specialised apartment tour packages by brokers demonstrates the severity of the issue and the need for creative solutions. However, it remains uncertain when rental prices will stabilize, leaving tenants with tough decisions regarding their housing choices in the city.

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