Electronic City Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: ELCITA’s Innovative Survey Ensures Protection of Underground Utilities

ELCITA, the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority, has introduced an innovative survey using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to safeguard Electronic City’s underground utilities. This Sub Surface Utility Engineering (SUE) survey prevents accidental damages during construction and has proven effective in curbing unnecessary digging. By providing detailed insights into utility locations, sizes, and depths, the survey has enhanced worker safety and long-term planning. This proactive approach reflects ELCITA’s commitment to urban infrastructure development and safety.


Electronic City
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In an earnest endeavour to fortify the safety and resilience of the bustling Electronic City, the Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) has orchestrated an ingenious survey employing cutting-edge tools. This strategic initiative aims to prevent inadvertent damages to the intricate network of underground utilities while undertaking road excavation and construction activities.

Understanding the potentially catastrophic consequences of any impairment to these vital assets during maintenance or construction work, ELCITA has embarked upon an astute Sub Surface Utility Engineering (SUE) survey, harnessing the capabilities of both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Induction Locator technologies.

Numerous distressing incidents have been duly reported from disparate localities, spotlighting the grim reality of underground utility damages. This includes harm to water pipelines, electric conduits, telecom lines, and gas distribution networks. With an intricate web of these utilities intricately nestled beneath the surface, the specter of damage looms large whenever excavation is necessitated for the installation of additional subterranean utilities.

While some entities intermittently resort to the use of ground-penetrating radar to glean insights about the intricate subterranean maze, regrettably, there are instances where work is carried out in a haphazard manner, sans meticulous inspections of the underlying utility connections. However, the remarkable efficacy of the GPR Survey conducted by ELCITA stands as a testament to its indispensability for the welfare of the Electronic City denizens.

In a significant stride toward fortification, ELCITA has judiciously entrusted over 903 acres of land to a third-party entity, thus empowering the acquisition of imperative details regarding underground utilities in distinct zones. The GPR, a geophysical marvel, operates by emitting radar pulses that deftly craft images of the subsurface landscape. This intricate process facilitates the comprehensive assessment of concealed utilities, encompassing concrete structures, asphalt layers, metallic conduits, pipes, cables, and a plethora of other entities. The overarching aim remains the prevention of unwarranted excavations or inadvertent disturbances.

A distinguished spokesperson at ELCITA expounded on this groundbreaking initiative, elucidating, “The meticulously conducted survey, spanning from May to July of the preceding year, unfurled a comprehensive tapestry of invaluable insights regarding underground utilities spanning the entire expanse of the region. The survey meticulously deciphers essential metrics such as depth, size, length, width, and thickness of these utilities ensconced beneath the earth’s surface. Since the inception of this survey and the subsequent assimilation of the pertinent data, instances of misguided excavations and subsequent damages have been conspicuous by their absence. Moreover, the survey catalogues each distinct location, thereby furnishing us with a nuanced understanding of the diverse utilities thriving underground.”

Further expounding on the salient attributes of this survey, the spokesperson underscored its enduring value as a cornerstone of their long-term strategic planning. “Effectively serving as a singular endeavor, this survey augments our repository of enduring knowledge. As agencies approach us, seeking to unobtrusively lay the foundation for their subterranean conduits, our first port of call entails an exhaustive analysis of the location. Armed with our extensive insights, we aptly guide them, both endorsing ideal sites and steering them away from less-than-optimal positions. This judicious approach not only augments operational safety but also mitigates the peril of electrical mishaps stemming from inadvertent damage to power cables during routine operations,” added the ELCITA spokesperson.

In conclusion, ELCITA’s pioneering efforts underscore the imperative of foresight and diligence in urban infrastructure development. Through the adept amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies and meticulous planning, the authority stands resolute in its commitment to safeguarding the delicate tapestry of underground utilities that sustains the thriving Electronic City. This groundbreaking survey serves as a beacon, guiding future developments and heralding a new era of safety and efficiency in urban construction and maintenance.

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