Exciting News for Bengaluru Commuters: Electronics City Metro Corridor Set to Open by December 2023

Exciting news for Bengaluru commuters as the Electronics City Metro corridor is set to open by December 2023. This 19-kilometer Yellow Line will greatly benefit tech professionals traveling to and from Electronics City. China’s CRCC will supply the coaches. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative project.

Electronics City Metro corridor likely to commence operations by December 2023


Electronics City Metro

In a much-anticipated development, the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has announced that the Electronics City Metro section, connecting RV Road to Bommasandra, is expected to commence operations by December 2023. This eagerly awaited 19-kilometer stretch, known as the Yellow Line, will be a game-changer for thousands of daily commuters, especially tech professionals traveling to and from Electronics City. Additionally, China’s CRCC will be supplying coaches for this new corridor, with the first batch scheduled to arrive from August 2023.

The Decision for Simultaneous Opening:
Despite completing most of the civil work between Bommasandra and the Central Silk Board, BMRCL faced a shortage of rolling stock, causing a delay in the initial plan of inaugurating the corridor in two phases. However, to ensure optimal ridership, BMRCL has now decided to open the entire RV Road – Bommasandra section in one go. This move will provide a seamless commuting experience for passengers right from the start.

CRCC’s Contribution and Challenges:
China’s CRCC was awarded the contract to supply 216 coaches for the BMRCL. Initially, the delivery was delayed due to difficulties in meeting the 75 percent local production requirement under India’s Make in India initiative. However, CRCC found a solution by partnering with Kolkata-based Titagarh Wagons for the manufacturing and supply of coaches. The first two sets of 6-coach trains are expected to arrive from China by August 2023, while additional train sets will be delivered from September onwards.

Significance of the Yellow Line:
The Yellow Line holds great significance for Bengaluru’s residents, particularly those residing in areas like Jayanagar, BTM Layout, and HSR Layout. With its convenient connectivity to Electronics City and the Bommasandra Industrial Area, the Yellow Line will drastically improve the commuting experience for employees working in these tech hubs. Moreover, it will bring relief to countless daily commuters and streamline the overall transportation network.

Additional Infrastructure Enhancements:
Alongside the upcoming Electronics City Metro corridor, Bengaluru will also witness the completion of its first double-decker flyover. Spanning 3.3 kilometers between Ragigudda and Central Silk Board on Marenahalli Road, this innovative flyover will feature a lower deck for vehicles and an upper deck for Metro trains. Both these projects are scheduled to be completed by December 2023, marking a major milestone in the city’s transportation infrastructure.

The eagerly awaited Electronics City Metro corridor, set to open by December 2023, brings hope and excitement to Bengaluru’s commuters. The fully operational Yellow Line will significantly benefit tech professionals and residents alike, offering a convenient and efficient means of travel. With the arrival of the first coaches from China’s CRCC and the collaboration with Titagarh Wagons, the infrastructure development continues at full speed. As Bengaluru marches toward its transportation goals, the future looks brighter for the city’s commuters. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative project.

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