Bengaluru ranks 22nd in global start-up ecosystem; 5th for tech VC investment

Bengaluru, Jun 16: Bengaluru has been ranked 22nd in the global start-up ecosystem, according to the Global start-up Ecosystem report published by start-up Genome and released at the ongoing London Tech Week-2022.

KshitizBathwal / Skyscape Photography, CC BY-SA 4.0

Bengaluru, the tech hub of India, has been ranked 22nd in the Global startup Ecosystem report (GSER) published by startup Genome and released at the ongoing London Tech Week2022. This ranking is a testament to the confidence entrepreneurs and investors have in the city‘s vibrant startup ecosystem. Research by London & Partners and Dealroom has revealed that Bengaluru is the leading Asian city and 5th ranked hub in the world for tech venture capital (VC) investment in 2022. The city outperformed both Beijing and Shanghai in the amount of venture capital raised and number of rounds.

The UKbased research agency also found that Bengaluru ranks 8th among cities globally in the amount of VC investment attracted by its Fintech subsector. Investment research has revealed that in the first five months of this year (January to May) Bengaluru‘s tech firms have raised USD 7.5 billion in VC funding, considerably higher than the previous record of USD 5.2 billion during the first six months of 2021. The city aptly known as theSilicon Valley of India is now attracting more investment than other global hubs like Singapore, Paris, and Berlin and is trailing behind Boston and New York.

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